Formerly 818 Studio, brand-eye-dia (pronounced: brand idea) is a branding and marketing strategy consultancy focused on connecting client brands with their key audiences and developing and refining branding programs for communications success. It's the clarity distilled from years of creative design and marketing experience to better define your brand through a thoughtfully informed process. What comes out of that process is unique, engaging and an often beautiful synthesis of ideas and imagery that truly reflects who you are and what you represent as an organization, a company, a product or a service.

Brand-eye-dia is branding and strategy with vision.


Yes, of course we still do all that you would expect, from logos to print to digital communications. It's just a different approach and results that connect you to your customers, your audiences, and in new ways. We work with you to develop comprehensive branding programs and strategies to address your needs for today.

Formed by Keith Johnston, veteran designer, writer, and creative director, brand-eye-dia draws from its list of trusted and talented people and builds teams to solve vexing branding and marketing challenges. Keith can act as your solo, external, creative consultant, collaborate directly with your in-house marketing team, or bring together trusted specialists for specific projects, whether it's website development or social media management. This is how we have become more efficient, tactical and highly-targeted. Brand-eye-dia is right-sized for the digital age.

Principal Bio


Keith Johnston, Creative Director, CEO
brand-eye-dia, LLC


Keith Johnston, a seasoned designer, creative director, communications director and brand manager for companies, institutions and government clients. His design work has been published in Graphis, Graphic Design USA, and How magazine, and he has won numerous awards for design.

Prior to starting brand-eye-dia, LLC, Keith was the staff communications director for the Maryland Clean Energy Center from 2014-2015 and owner and creative director of 818 Studio, Inc. He has personally developed branding and marketing programs for many national and international organizations including: American Forests, Goodwill International, Woodrow Wilson Center, the Meridian International Center, as well as branding and marketing work for higher education clients such as GWU and AACC, medical institutions GWUMC and Anne Arundel Medical Center, many national associations and service organizations such as the Naval Institute, and many government clients including the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, and the U.S.E.P.A.

Keith is a BFA graduate of the University of Georgia, Athens, where he met and was hired by popular musicians R.E.M. to create album artwork and tour promotional items. He worked personally with band vocalist/artist Michael Stipe for three years channeling his unique genius into album covers, tour programs, posters and T-shirts.

As a design professional, Keith served two years on the board of directors for the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), Baltimore Chapter, where he developed programs and exhibits while furthering the greater mission of the national AIGA organization.