Naval Academy Athletic Association

Development Materials for Sports Programs


Branding Strategy:

The U.S. Naval Academy has a storied sports history and ambitious goals for future Navy Sports programs. While the Naval Academy and most of its campus facilities and education programs are funded by U.S. tax payers, many of the sports facilities are funded by alumni, corporate and private donors through funds raised by the Naval Academy Athletic Association (NAAA) and the Navy Alumni Association (NAA).

Brand-eye-dia assisted the NAAA with the creation of new development materials focused on the theme of “leadership” and the message that sports are an integral part of building the skills of future leadership in the U.S. Navy and beyond. Our recommendation was to create a “Navy Sports Playbook”— a flexible housing and brochure for a variety of materials that could be included in a collateral leave behind for personal one-on-one meetings with potential donors. Digitally printed pages could be bound on short notice to update the main brochure to provide information on key fundraising goals and benefits to supporters.

The result was an engaging presentation, inspiring donors to be more involved in the future of the Naval Academy and Navy Sports more specifically, and an important tool for the NAAA development team to use to make fundraising goals a reality.