Anne Arundel Medical Center

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Branding Strategy:

Like most hospital systems in the U.S., AAMC struggles to find the money to support medical services that are unprofitable or unsustainable for that system as a nonprofit hospital or otherwise. There is huge need for resources for mental health care, palliative care, and care for underserved communities without health insurance.

Brand-eye-dia is working with the AAMC Foundation to create communications materials targeted to potential donors in the community to partner with the hospital in order to raise those funds for critical community health, mental health needs, and the needs of our aging population. This is an on-going effort, and so far we have collaborated with the AAMC Foundation to create a set of collateral materials to explain the needs and tell donors exactly how they can help and be part of the solution.

This custom pocket folder was the housing piece for a set of individual inserts addressing mental health, palliative care, and we are currently working on other development pieces as part of this package under their tagline, "Advancing Patient and Family Centered Care in Our Community." We were careful to keep the design within the parameters of AAMC branding guideline, yet push the visual drama with photography, and show the content in the context of the architecture and curves on the actual campus structures.