Human Systems

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Branding Strategy:

Dr. Colby Peters, PhD, is a smart, dynamic social worker/consultant who employs a unique, research based approach to working with employees and management of companies and organizations to, as she says, “help your organization prevent job burnout, retain employees, and foster an environment of shared success.” Brand-eye-dia worked closely with Dr. Peters to help her define her branding and refine her value proposition for key audiences.

Our recommendation was to create a new company name and tagline that better reflected her unique approach and reassure them that it was built on a “scientifically validated system”, but brand it to convey a warm, accessible and human feel. We ideated and developed lists of names and taglines and selected “Human Systems” as the company name and the tagline “Build people potential. Improve organizational outcomes.” The color palette for the logo and visual branding included a range of warm colors— from orange to pink and red.

For brand imagery, we recommended using visual symbols instead of photography of actual people and proposed the concept of balloons with faces drawn on them staged in an office environment for a photo shoot to represent different human office situations and human emotions. The result was a fun, colorful, friendly collection of images to use for the website and other and PowerPoint slides.

Brand-eye-dia also worked with Dr. Peters to develop a name and animated video for her exclusive, “Circles of Influence Method (CIM)”, a comprehensive, scientifically validated training model.