Project Welcome Home Troops

Branding a Program for Veterans

Brand Identity

Collateral Materials

Branding Strategy:

The International Association for Human Values (IAHV) has been providing training for stress & trauma relief to disaster survivors, prison inmates and inner city youth since 1997. Project Welcome Home Troops (PWHT) was established in 2006 by IAHV to improve the quality of life for returning veterans and their families through breathing and meditation training. We worked with PWHT's director to design a new logo for PWHT that better reflected its mission and work with veterans. Veterans have a unique esprit de corps are proud of their service to the country, therefore branding for PWHT needed to better reflect that aspect of the program rather than the image of the parent organization. The new logo successfully achieved that branding objective. We also created collateral materials, banners and other materials to assist PWHT in meeting their communications objectives.